Friday, January 22, 2010

ode to jeff

So, back from lunch.Ate a healthy meal of chocolate milk an Italian sub and a rice kripsy treat. I was thinking about how marriage really changes relationships with your family. I've now been married for 11 months and two days to the best man in the whole world. Jeff is a testament to me that the lord does have a plan for everyone and if we do what we are suppose to do, then we will be blessed for it. I had always grown up being worried that I wasn't going to get married.For one reason or another, I couldn't fall head over heels for anyone. Jeff and I had only been dating approximately 2 weeks before I told him that I loved him( a real first for me). I could see myself growing old with him and handling whatever live threw at us together. He made me excited about having a family, about life and he has this very calming affect on me whenever I'm stressed about anything. In short, he is my better half:) I thought that he was crazy when we talked about marriage simply b/c I wondered why he would want to marry me?Why would he want to do all these things with me? I finally came to realize that I truly was the luckiest girl in the world and that he felt the same way about me. Crazy!! Our first year so far has been a definite rollercoaster. I've been stressed about things I've never had to worry about and we are still getting use to eachother, but I wouldn't trade it for anything:) I feel so much peace and contentment with him.


  1. I happened on your blog from Megan's. You can't stop writing now. As a cousin who moved away when you were in elem. school, I want to hear more about you!

  2. I second what Traci said, but not about the whole elementary school thing... and we aren't cousins. Basically you should keep writing.