Thursday, February 25, 2010

Disney Etiquette

For our one year anniversary, my husband and I decided to go to Disney World. It had been a few years since I last went and was so excited! We got there early saturday morning and waited for our aunt to bring us hpper tickets:) It was a wonderful experience... but thats not why I am writing this blog. I'm writing this blog for all those clueless people that I saw while I was there... committing crimes that should never be committed! And so all you Disney fans, I have decided to write a Disney Etiquette piece for anyone who is interested. I have tweleve rules that you should always follow! Here is your Fast Pass to make Disney a great experience for you and others.
1)Parents, just b/c coming here makes you feel like a kid again.....never sit in your childs stroller while your significant other takes them to the bathroom others will notice.
2)If you do happen to revert to a child like state and make this mistake, do not then stand in the middlle of the path and pick your gargantuan wedgie for the world to see... ESPECIALLY in Fantasy Land, for I can assure you, seeing this is nobodys fantasy!
Which brings me to my next rule.
3)If you are lost,tired or confused, DO NOT stop in the middle of the walkways to catch your breathe or look at the map, especially if you are in a big group.Doing so will anger Mickey fans that have to swerve around you.
4)Stroller rage is a horrible thing to witness. DO NOT follow on a strangers heels so closely that within an instant they could be trampled or come away with severely skinned ankles.
5)Parents, DO NOT butt others in line. Your child will notice and try and do the same.. when they proceed, there will likely be a bigger kid to rectify the situation, and not in a good way.
6)Getting wasted a a family park never creates a "magical experience" for you or anyone around you when your seen stumbling down the streets with beer splattered on your shirt.
7)Traffic cones are never offered as a souvenir. DO NOT take them and then dance around in the parking lot for all the world to witness your brainlessness.
8)Parents, if your child screams, discipline them. DO NOT quiet them by buying them something. One of the visitors behind me said, "For such a happy place, there sure are a lot of crying children!"
9)Visitors in general, DO NOT complain to employees unless it is something major. ( A ride cut your foot off, or a character took your eye out when they hugged you are ok reasons to be mad) Just b/c they are smiling doesn't mean they want to hear about how long you had to wait in line for a ride that then broke down. Trust me, they don't care, but they will keep smiling while they think how ridiculous you are:)
10)DO NOT use language that shouldn't be used around children. This is not what the parents want their kids taking away from this family adventure!
11)Be kind to others. If someone drops something, pick it up for them. This will make you and them feel good.
12) The props before and after a ride are NOT trash cans. Stash your garbage in one of your many bags until you can find a proper recepticle. *Hint, they are labeled "Trash Cans".
I didn't mean to pick on anyone. Just things I noticed that don't make sense when people do them.... tell me what you think.

Friday, January 22, 2010

ode to jeff

So, back from lunch.Ate a healthy meal of chocolate milk an Italian sub and a rice kripsy treat. I was thinking about how marriage really changes relationships with your family. I've now been married for 11 months and two days to the best man in the whole world. Jeff is a testament to me that the lord does have a plan for everyone and if we do what we are suppose to do, then we will be blessed for it. I had always grown up being worried that I wasn't going to get married.For one reason or another, I couldn't fall head over heels for anyone. Jeff and I had only been dating approximately 2 weeks before I told him that I loved him( a real first for me). I could see myself growing old with him and handling whatever live threw at us together. He made me excited about having a family, about life and he has this very calming affect on me whenever I'm stressed about anything. In short, he is my better half:) I thought that he was crazy when we talked about marriage simply b/c I wondered why he would want to marry me?Why would he want to do all these things with me? I finally came to realize that I truly was the luckiest girl in the world and that he felt the same way about me. Crazy!! Our first year so far has been a definite rollercoaster. I've been stressed about things I've never had to worry about and we are still getting use to eachother, but I wouldn't trade it for anything:) I feel so much peace and contentment with him.

new job and.....stuff

So, new to all this, obviously b/c this is my first entry. A friend suggested I do this and my new job gives me plenty of time. I warn you though, you might want to turn back as I cannot promise this to be entertaining in any way. Little bit about myself, I was born and raised in Florida. I have one older sister and four younger siblings. We adopted 2 of my cousins and now love them like a brother and sister. My dad is hilarious and has a twisted sense of humor that he passed down to all of us kids. He once scared my first friend away by freaking her out with his shotgun saying he was going to hunt whatever was "hiding in the house", not cool dad. She wouldn't come over for a few days and her parents were pretty upset. My mom and I are ridiculously similar. We look the same,act the same and even have crazy voices for wild animals that make us look retarded:) My older sister... I use to hate. She never let me hang out with her and she was always trying to make me do chores. Later on, when she moved out, she became my best friend. I would have rather hung out with her then do anything else. My younger sister(Brittany) and I didn't really become good friends until my older sister(Megan) went to SVU. Our relationship previously consisted of hurting eachother and trying to scare the crap out out of eachother. She used to like Barney and one day I put him in her bed with a knife ducktaped to his hand..... then mom told me to stop after writing some creepy messages on a nearby board making it look like barney would maime her.... good times. So, we got really close and started doing everything together too. My younger brother Cody was a surprise. We weren't expecting another since us three girls were already a huge handful. He was a premature and all us girls loved holding him and taking care of him. Until he got older and became a miniature version of dad but twice as obnoxious. We adopted Andre and Amber a few years ago and had already felt like they were in our family waaay before then. Break time..... going to lunch, be back in a bit!